9. Harad

Dry. Ag 2. WW, Rv, H(G), O, V, E, RGo, D, Rd, BUA.
C-in-C - Irr Cv (O) @ 17
Sub-generals - as above
Mumakil - Irr El (S) @ 20
Cavalry - Irr Cv (O) @ 7
Spearmen - Irr Sp (I) @ 3
Archers - Irr Ps (O) @ 2 or Irr Bw (I) @ 3
Upgrade armoured archers to Irr Bw (O) @ 4
Far-Haradrim - all Irr Wb (O) @ 3 or all Irr Bd (I) @ 4 or all Irr Bd (O) @ 5
Horsemen - Irr LH (O) @ 5
Khand allies - List: Easterlings
Haradrim allies - List: Harad
Far-Haradrim allies - List: Later Pre-Islamic Arab (Book 2, may not include any camels)

Only from 2A3320 to 3A1050:
Upgrade Black Numenorean C-in-C to Reg Kn (O) @ 32
Upgrade Black Numenorean spearmen as Reg Sp (O) @ 5
Upgrade Black Numenorean archers as Reg Bw (O) @ 5

Only after the second age:
Upgrade generals to Reg Cv (O) @ 28, Cavalry to Reg Cv (O) @ 8, armoured archers to Reg Bw (O) @ 5, other Archers to Reg Bw (I) @ 4 or Reg Ps (O) @ 2, and Spearmen to Reg Sp (I) @ 4

Only if after 3A1448:
Corsairs' dromunds - Reg Gal (S) @ 4 (Corsair Ax) or boats - Irr Bts (O) @ 2 (Corsair Ps)
Upgrade Corsair dromund to Corsair ally-general's flagship @ 14
Corsairs - Irr Ax (S) @ 4
Corsairs - Irr Ps (O) @ 2
Upgrade Corsair Ax to Reg Ax (S) @ 5 and Ps to Reg Ps (O) @ 2

Only in 3A1944:
Wainrider allies - List Easterlings
This lists covers the Southron kingdoms south of Gondor. At least some troops were organized into uniformed regiments. One spear-armed regiment had black spiked bosses on yellow shields. They are classed as (I) since they were ridden down by Rohirrim Kn. Some infantry are described as wearing red, and with brass scale corselets. Cavalry fought with scimitars rather than lances or spears. Mumakil were enormous elephants bearing war-towers. At least as many regular spearmen elements must be fielded as other regular elements. The minimum marked * applies only if any Black Numenoreans are used. They may not be used with any allied contingents. The Corsairs were a remnant faction from the Gondorian Kin-strife civil-war that retained the great habour of Umbar, and were the dominant naval power for most of the later third age. Corsair galleys are described as dromunds and ships of great draught with many oars and black sails. Rowers were slaves chained to the benches. Small boats were also used. The minimum marked ** applies only if more than 2 naval elements are used. Far-Haradrim from the deep south were black-skinned, and are described as being like "half-trolls" with red tongues! It is assumed that they can be equated with historical desert cultures. Horsemen and Far-Haradrim all count as Bedouin. Allied contingents drawn from this list may contain Archers, Horsemen, Far-Haradrim and Corsairs, and, in the case of Corsairs, up to 6 elements, and need not contain Mumakil. If used, a Corsair ally-general must command all and only Corsairs.

DBA: 2 x El, 3 x 3Cv, 4x 4 Sp, 1 x 2Ps, 1 x 2LH or 3Bw or 4Sp or 4Wb, 1 x 4Wb or 4Sp or 2Ps

HotT: 3 x Riders, 2 x Behemoths, 4 x Spears, 1 x Riders or Shooters

Enemies: Easterners, Mordor, Harad, Gondor

Further notes on this army list, including justifications for all the above options, can be reached at the Harad army list notes section.

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