Dismounted Rider

16. Rohan

Before 3A2511: Cold. Ag 1. Rv, H(S), H (G), Wd, RGo, Rd, BUA.
After 3A2510: Cold. Ag 2. Rv, H(S), Wd, RGo, Rd, BUA.
C-in-C - Irr Kn (F) @ 19
Sub-generals - as above
Household Knights - Irr Kn (F) @ 9
Riders - Irr Kn (F) @ 9
Horse archers - Irr LH (F) @ 4
Foot archers - Irr Ps (O) @ 2 or Irr Bw (I) @ 3
Poor foot levies - Irr Hd (O) @ 1
Other foot - Irr Bd (I) @ 4 or Irr Sp (I) @ 3
Earth forts - TF @ 2

Only if before 3A2511:
Woodsmen - Irr Ax (O) @ 3

Only in 3A2758 to 3A2759:
Dunlending warriors - Irr Ax (O) @ 3
Replace Household knights with Dunlending horsemen - Irr LH (O) @ 5
Replace Riders with Dunlending hillmen - Irr Ax (O) @ 3
Replace Horse archers with Dunlending horsemen - Irr LH (O) @ 5
Replace Foot Archers with Dunlendings - Irr Ps (S) @ 3
Replace Other foot with Dunlendings - Irr Ax (O) @ 3

Only in 3A2759:
Gondorian allies - List: Gondor

Only if after 3A2885:
Upgrade generals to Reg Kn (F) @ 31 and Household Knights to Reg Kn (F) @ 11

Only in 3A3019:
Ent Allies:
Ent ally-general - Irr El (O) @ 21
Ents and Huorns - Irr El (O) @ 16
This lists starts after Frumgar led the Eotheod into the north in 3A1977. In 3A2510 at the invitation of Gondor they removed south to settle the plains of Calenardhon, afterwards called Rohan. Cavalry were mostly armed with lance, mail and shield, and are described charging in a wedge formation; however, a few were horse archers lightly-equipped with spare mounts. Earthen forts were manned at the Fords of Isen against Saruman, and defended by dismounted cavalry, and the Rohirrim fought on foot in the later part of the battle of the Pelennor Fields. Thus mounted troops may always dismount if the general of their command does so; Generals and Household Kn as Sp (S), other Kn (F) as Sp (O), LH (F) as Bw (I). Mimima marked * apply only if any troops marked * or *** are used, and may not be used in Rohan allied contingents to other armies. Minima marked ** apply only if any options marked ** are used, and may not be used with Gordor allies, nor in allied contingents supplied to other armies. Minima marked *** only apply if any Ents or Huorns are used. They can only be commanded by an Ent ally-general who must command no other troops. Ents are intelligent walking trees, Huorns their less sentient followers.

DBA: 1 x 2LH, 2 x 4Bd or 4 Sp or 3Kn/4Sp, 1 x 2Ps or 3Kn/4Sp, 8 x 3Kn/4Sp

HotT: 1 x Hero, 1 x Riders, 2 x Behemoths or 4 x Knights, 3 x Knights, 2 x Spear or Knights

Enemies: Khazad, Easterlings, Goblins, Dunlendings, Orthanc

Further notes on this army list, including justifications for all the above options, can be reached at the Rohan army list notes section.

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