Dwarf with Mattock

2. Khazad

Cold. Ag 2. Rv, H(S), Wd, RGo, Rd.
C-in-C - Irr Bd (S) @ 17 or Irr Bd (X) @ 16
Sub-general - as above
Ally-generals - Irr Bd (S) @ 12 or Irr Bd (X) @ 11
Nobles - Irr Bd (S) @ 7
Warriors, mostly with axe - Irr Bd (O) @ 5
Archers - Irr Bw (O) @ 4
Woodmen allies - List: Dunlendings
Easterling allies - List: Easterlings ('other nations')

Only in the first age:
Himring allies - List: Noldor

Only after the first age:
Orc allies - List: Goblins

Only if before 3A1982:
Upgrade C-in-C and sub-generals to Reg Bd (S) @ 29, ally generals to Reg Bd (S) @ 19, nobles to Reg Bd (S) @ 9, warriors to Reg Bd (O) @ 7 and archers to Reg Bw (O) @ 5

Only if before 3A2771:
Upgrade C-in-C and sub-generals to Reg Bd (S) @ 29, ally generals to Reg Bd (S) @ 19 and nobles to Reg Bd (S) @ 9

Only if after first age:
Scouts on ponies - Irr Bd (O) Mtd @ 6
Upgrade unmounted Irr Bd (O) to mattock-bearers as Irr Bd (X) @ 6

Only if after 3A2770:
Upgrade unmounted Bd (O) or (X) to Irr Bd (S) @ 12 if ally-general, @ 17 if sub-general or C-in-C, otherwise @ 7

Only if after 3A2941:
Dale allies - List: Dale
This lists covers the seven tribes of the Dwarves. Although Dwarves were less than 5' tall, they were very strong and hardy. Armour was of mail, often a complete suit and including full-helms covering the face. Beards were braided and tucked into belts. All Dwarves lived underground, hence the lack of built-up areas in the terrain listing. The house of Durin was the largest and most organized tribe, but after the loss of Moria in 3A1981, the house became fragmented, and was further weakened by the loss of Erebor in 3A2770. Ally contingents either within or drawn from this list need not contain any nobles. Only one external allied contingent is allowed, and they may not be used with any regulars.

DBA: 1 x 3Bw or 3/4Bd, 11 x 3/4Bd

HotT: 1 x Hero, 1 x Shooters or Blades, 9 x Blades

Enemies: Sindar, Khazad, Angband, Easterlings, Goblins, Mordor

Further notes on this army list, including justifications for all the above options, can be reached at the Khazad army list notes section.


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