6. Easterlings

Variags: Warm. Others: Cold. Ag 3. Rv, H(G), Wd, O, V, RGo, Rd, BUA. Only 'other nations': WW.
Foot archers - Irr Ps (O) @ 2 or Irr Bw (I) @ 3
Foot with axes and/or swords - Irr Bd (I) @ 4, or with spears - Irr Sp (I) @ 3

Only 'other nations':
Dwarven allies - List: Khazad

Only in the first age:
C-in-C - Irr Bd (O) @ 15
Sub-general - Irr Bd (O) @ 15 or Irr Sp (I) @ 13
Ally-generals - Irr Bd (O) @ 9
Nobles - Irr Bd (O) @ 5
Gentry - Irr Bd (I) @ 4 or Irr Sp (I) @ 3
Skirmishers - Irr Ps (S) @ 3 or Irr Ps (I) @ 1
Palisades for camp - TF @ 1
Orc allies - List: Angband

Only after the first age:
C-in-C as nobles - Irr Cv (O) @ 17 or Irr Bd (O) @ 15
Sub-general as nobles or gentry - Irr Cv (O) @ 17 or Irr Bd (O) @ 15
Ally-generals as nobles - Irr Cv (O) @ 12
Nobles - Irr Cv (O) @ 5
Gentry - Irr Bd (O) @ 5 or Irr Cv (O) @ 7
Skirmishers - LH (F) @ 4
Set-up wagon laager to defend camp - TF @ 1

Only Khand after the first age:
Haradrim allies - List: Haradrim

Only from 2A1800 to 2A3434, 3A2063 to 3A2460, and 3A2951 to 3A3019:
Mordor allies - List: Mordor

Only Wainriders in the third age:
Upgrade Nobles as charioteers - Irr Kn (O) @ 14 if ally-general, @ 19 if other general, @ 9 otherwise
Upgrade Gentry as cavalry - Irr Cv (O) @ 12 if sub-general, @ 7 otherwise
Wainriders - Irr Hd (O) @ 1

Only Wainriders in the third age or Balchoth from 3A2489 to 3A2545:
Set-up wagon laager to defend camp (in addition to those above) - TF @ 1

Only 'other nations' from 3A1240 to 3A1248:
Northmen allies - List: Northmen

Only Wainriders from 3A1851 to 3A1899:
Rhovanion allies - List: Northmen

Only Wainriders in 3A1944:
Khand allies - List: Easterlings
Near-Haradrim allies - List: Harad

Only Balchoth from 3A2489 to 3A2545:
Replace Gentry and Skirmishers with poorly-equipped foot - Irr Hd (O) @ 1

Only Balchoth in 3A2510:
Boats and rafts - Irr Bts (I) @ 1 [Bd, Sp, Ps]
Orc allies - List: Goblins

Only 'other nations' after 3A2545:
Upgrade Irr Bd (I) to Irr Bd (O) @ 5
This list covers all Human armies originating far to the east of Eriador, such as the Wainriders and Balchoth that attacked Gondor, the Easterlings that attacked the kingdom of Dale at Sauron's behest, and also the nebulous Variags of Khand. First age armies may not have mounted troops, as men had yet to master the techniques of horse-rearing. Angband allies must be led an Orc general. The may not be used with Dwarven allies. Wainrider chariots are descibed as charging headlong into walls of defenders rather than skirmishing and are thus graded as Kn. They conquered Rhovanion after the great plague in 3A1635 decimated the local population. Rhovanians may not be used with Dwarven or Haradrim allies. They successfully rebelled during the war with Gondor, and some later migrated to the Vale of the Anduin, to set up the Eotheod in 3A1977. A Rhovanian vassal contingent may include non-compulsory foot, and may not be used with any other external allies. Ally contingents from this list may include skirmishers or their foot replacements. 'Other nations' are those other than the Balchoth, Khand or Wainriders. An army may not include internal allies of a different nation.

DBA: 1 x 4Bd or HCh or 3Cv or 2Lh, 3 x 4Bd or 4 Sp, 3 x 2Ps, 1 x HCh or 2Lh or 4Sp, 2 x 3Cv or 4Bd, 2 x 4Sp or 2Bw

HotT: 1 x Hero or 2 x Kn or 2 x Bd, 2 x Riders or Bd, 2 x Shooters or 2 x Sp or 4 x Hordes, 6 x Sp or Bd

Enemies: Khazad, Dunlendings (Woodsmen), Easterlings, Harad, Northmen, Gondor, Rohan

Further notes on this army list, including justifications for all the above options, can be reached at the Easterlings army list notes section.

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