5. Gondolin

Cold. Ag 0. H(S), O, V, E, RGo, Rd, BUA.
C-in-C - Reg Sp (S) @ 27
Sub-general - as above or Reg Sp (O) @ 25 or Reg Bd (O) @ 27
Ally-general - Reg Bd (O) @ 17
Phalanx of the Guard - Reg Sp (S) @ 7
Other Spears - Reg Sp (O) @ 5
Axes or Swordsmen - Reg Bd (O) @ 7
Armoured archers - Reg Bw (O) @ 5
Upgrade archers to Reg Bw (S) @ 7
Eagle Allies:
Eagle ally-general - Irr LH (S) @ 12
Eagles - Irr LH (S) @ 7
This list covers the hidden kingdom of Gondolin. Gondolin stood on a plug of rock in the middle of a plain totally enclosed by mountains. The city was heavily populated by a mixture of Noldor and Sindar, all very well-equipped with bright mail and well drilled. Shields were round or kite-shaped, and each regiment had a distinctive emblem and uniform. Turgon led a 10000-strong contingent to the Nirnaeth Arnoediad which formed the reserve command. The ally-general is the traitor Maeglin. He may not command guards. The city was eventually sacked by Gothmog and his dragons; the last of the realms of the Noldor to fall in the first age. The minimum marked * applies only if an Eagle ally-general is used. Only he may command eagles, and all eagles must be in his command.

DBA: 6 x 4Sp, 4 x 4Bw, 2 x 4Bd or 4Bw or 4Sp

HotT: 2 x Heroes, 4 x Spears, 2 x Shooters, 1 x Hero or 2 x Flyers or 2 x Blades

Enemies: Angband

Further notes on this army list, including justifications for all the above options, can be reached at the Gondolin army list notes section.

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