11. Dunlendings

Hillmen: Ag 2. Rv, H(S), H(G), Wd, RGo, Rd, BUA.
Woodsmen: Ag 1. Rv, Wd, RGo, Rd, BUA. Only in 2A: WW. Only in 3A: H(S), H(G).
C-in-C - on foot as Irr Ax (O) @ 13 or on horse as Irr LH (O) @ 15
Ally-generals - as Irr Ax (O) @ 8 or Irr LH (O) @ 10
Sub-general - as Irr Ax (O) @ 13 or Irr LH (O) @ 15
Warriors - Irr Ax (O) @ 3
Scouts and youths - Irr Ps (S) @ 3 or Irr Ps (O) @ 2 or Irr Ps (I) @ 1
Boats - Irr Bts (I) @ 1 (Ax, Ps)

Only Hillmen after 2A2350:
Upgrade Scouts to Horsemen - Irr LH (O) @ 5

Only after 2A3320:
Upgrade general to Irr Ax (S) @ 9 if ally, otherwise @ 14
Chiefs' men - Irr Ax (S) @ 4

Only Hillmen after 2A3320:
Upgrade generals to Irr Cv (O) @ 12 if ally, otherwise @ 17
Upgrade Chief's men to Irr Cv (O) @ 7
Regrade Warriors with long spears as Irr Ax (X) @ 3

Only Dunlending Hillmen in Rhudaur from 3A1350 to 3A1975:
Upgrade Warriors with ex-Dunedain or Angmar-supplied armour as Irr Ax (S) @ 4
Angmar allies - list: Angmar

Only Dunlending Hillmen in 3A2758:
Upgrade C-in-C and sub-general to Irr Kn (F) @ 19
Haradrim allies - list: Harad

Only Woodsmen from 3A1977 to 3A2510:
Eotheod allies - list: Rohan

Only Woodsmen after 3A2510:
Replace Warriors with archers - Irr Bw (I) @ 3
Upgrade C-in-C to a Werebear - either Irr El (O) @ 26 or
a double-element of Irr Kn (I) @ 18 for front rank, @ 7 for rear rank
This lists covers the hillmen or Dunlendings living in the foothills of the southern Hithaeglir, or Misty Mountains; and in the Ered Nimrais, or White Mountains, further to their south; and also the wood-dwellers living both east and, in the second age, west of the Hithaeglir, from the time when the Numenoreans first established permanent outposts in Middle-Earth in their territories. While fierce, they were however not as well equipped as their enemies, Dunlending armour being only acquired by way of loot. A sub-general graded as Kn (F) may only be used if the C-in-C is also a Kn (F). Harad allies may not contain Mumakil, and may only be used by a Kn (F) C-in-C. Kn (I) must be mounted on a double-element base. Dunlending Cv may always dismount as Ax (S).

DBA: 1 x 3Cv or 3Ax, 2 x 2LH, 2 x 2Ps, 7 x 3Ax

HotT: 1 x Riders or Warband, 2 x Riders or 4 x Lurkers or 2 x Shooters, 2 x Lurkers, 8 x Warband

Enemies: Goblins, Dunlendings, Easterlings, Numenor, Gondor, Arnor, Rohan

Further notes on this army list, including justifications for all the above options, can be reached at the Dunlendings army list notes section.

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