14. Arnor

Cold. Ag 0. All: Rv, H(S), H(G), Wd, E, RGo, Rd, BUA.
Arnor or Arthedain: WW, M. Rhudaur: H(S). Cardolan: O.
C-in-C - Reg Kn (O) @ 32 or Reg Sp (S) @ 27 or Reg Sp (O) @ 25
Sub-generals - as above
Roquen - Up to 1/2 Reg Kn (O) @ 12, rest Reg Sp (S) @ 7
Cavalry - Irr Cv (O) @ 7
Spearmen - Reg Sp (O) @ 5
Archers - Reg Bw (O) @ 5
Local levies and the like - Irr Ax (O) @ 3

Only Rhudaur from 3A861 to 3A1350:
Downgrade each of Roquen and Spearmen as Hillmen to Irr Ax (O) @ 3
Replace Archers with Hillmen as Irr Ax (O) @ 3
Replace remaining Archers with Hillmen as Irr Ps (S) @ 3 or Irr Ps (O) @ 2

Only Cardolan from 3A861 to 3A1409:
Arthedain allies - List: Arnor

Only Arthedain from 3A861 to 3A1409:
Cardolan allies - List: Arnor

Only Arthedain in 3A1409:
Rivendell allies - List: Noldor
Lindon allies:
Elven ally-general (Cirdan) - Reg Kn (F) @ 21 or Reg Sp (S) @ 17 or Reg Bd (O) @ 17
Mounted Elves - up to 1/4 Reg Kn (F) @ 11, rest Reg LH (F) @ 4
Other Elves - up to 1/2 Reg Ps (O) @ 2 or Reg Bw (O) @ 5, rest Reg Sp(O) @ 5 or Reg Bd (O) @ 7

Only Arthedain from 3A1601:
Hobbit archers - Irr Ps (O) @ 2

Like Gondor, the kingdom of Arnor was founded by exiles fleeing the wreck of Numenor in the year 3320 of the second age. This list covers Arnorian armies in the third age, the second age armies being covered by the Numenorean list. Arnor fragmented in 3A861 into the kingdoms of Arthedain, Cardolan and Rhudaur, which are also covered by this list. Arthedain was destroyed by the Witch-king of Angmar in 3A1975. Cardolan was fatally weakened in 3A1409 but was not finally finished off until the plague of 3A1636. After 3A1350, Rhudaur was controlled by Dunlending hillmen, and is then covered by the Dunlending list. Kn (O) may always dismount as Sp (S) if the general of their command does so. Minimums marked * apply only if any Rivendell or Lindon allies are used. Cirdan may ony command Elves, and must command all non-Rivendell Elves used. He may not command any other troops.

DBA: 1 x 3Kn, 1 x 3Cv, 4 x 4Sp, 1 x 3/4Bw or 2Ps, 1 x 3Kn or 4Sp, 1 x 3Ax, 1 x 3/4Ax or 4Bd or 4Sp, 1 x 3/4Bw, 1 x 4Sp or 3/4Bw

HotT: 1 x Hero or 1 x Knights + 1 x Shooters, 4 x Spears, 1 x Riders, 2 x Shooters, 3 x Warband or 1 x Shooters + 2 x Spears

Enemies: Dunlendings, Angmar, Arnor

Further notes on this army list, including justifications for all the above options, can be reached at the Arnor army list notes section.

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