Army List Notes: Arnor

This list covers the forces of Arnor after the death of Isildur. Prior to this, Arnor's forces are covered by the Numenorean list. It also covers Arnor's successor states Arthedain, Cardolan and Rhudaur, although Rhudaur after 3A1350 is covered by the Dunlending list.

Cimate is rated Cold, since Arnor was situated at a very northerly latitude. Aggression is rated as 0 as these states attacked no-one (except themselves in the case of the successor states), but were attacked by Angmar.

The WW is either the sea, or in the case of Arnor, Nenuial (Lake Evendim), on whose shores Annuminas its capital lay. The M represents the marshes around Midgewater. Cardolan, being more southerly had a somewhat milder climate, and is allowed O

Arnor seems to have made less use of mounted troops than Gondor. Arvedui had a mounted guard (RotK, p391) and I have classified these as Reg Kn (O) by analogy with the knights of Gondor. Any other cavalry (if it indeed existed) would likely have been much less efficient, to judge from the respect that Rhovanion horses were accorded (RotK, p406). These are classified as Irr Cv (O) and may have been provided by wealthier elements of the non-Dunedain portion of the population (UT, p370). Less wealthier members might have provided footmen who are classed as Irr Ax (O) like their Dunlending forebears.

Footmen, divided into spearmen and archers by analogy with their Numenorean predecessors, would have been the most numerous part of the army. Archers were seemingly less numerous than spearmen to judge from the composition of Isildur's company at his death (UT, p273, 283).

After 3A861, Arnor was split between the sons of Earendur (RotK, p389). Their kingdoms subsequently often quarrelled, and Arthedain and Cardolan sometimes allied against Rhudaur (RotK, p390). Rhudaur had the least number of Dunedain, (RotK, p390) and so must replace many of their trained troops with local Hillmen. Eventually Rhudaur fell completely under the influence of the Dunlendings, after which time it is covered by the Dunlending list.

Arthedain was aided in 3A1409 by the Elves of Lindon and Rivendell (RotK, p390) against Angmar, and later they had the assistance af a few Hobbit archers (RotK, p393).

It is likely that the banner of Arnor was black, as was Gondor's, with seven stars, as Elendil's banner had these features, plus a tree that signified Gondor, and a crown that signified the unified realm of Arnor and Gondor (RotK, p145). The Star of the North, as a jewelry piece, seems to have been an emblem of Arnor (RotK, p162), so suggesting stars for Arnor: 7 stars for the seven stones (TT, p253).

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