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This page last modified: 17 May, 2003

Most of the photos of my figures that I have on this site can be accessed from this page.

15 mm Ancients and Medieval figures

15th century Germans, featuring their war-wagons.
14th century Muslim Indian. An extravagantly arrayed host.
13th century Crusaders. Somewhat old photos.
13th century Kts of St John. Rather crude photos again.
13th century Italians. Lots of interesting toys here!
Wars of the Roses English archers.
Macedonians. Macedonians as based for my AoT rules rather than DBM.
10mm stuff. Corbon Loughnan's 10mm DBM figures.

15 mm Fantasy (Middle-Earth) figures

Goblins from Mt Gundabad.
Minas Morgul Orcs. Forces of the Lord of the Nazgul.
Lidless Eye Orcs. The Forces of Mordor.

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