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Wars of the Roses English

This page last modified: 18 January, 2001

Retinue Archers
Close up shot
Mixed retinue longbowmen protected by emplaced stakes. These figures are by Essex; a lack of variety in the poses is typical of Essex archers - everyone is at the point of arrow release with nobody loading, resting or otherwise engaged. Most lords had very few liveried troops, and so my elements are made up of figures displaying a variety of liveries rather than each element's men looking thesame - each element is supposed to represent up to 250 men after all.

Front view
These are all double-based elements. They are a liability in game terms but look better of the table-top since you can produce better diorama-like effects. These double bases have 7 figures each rather than the regulation 8. This allows me to stagger the rows of archers and interleave them with stakes; avoiding the "shooting the front rank in the back of the head" syndrome that is seen from the regulation 4 figures per single base in two two ranks.

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