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The Goblins of Mt Gundabad

This page last modified: 18 January, 2001

Bolg and Standard-bearer

Bolg and guards

The Orcs of the Misty Mountains had their capital in Mt Gundabad, and at the time of the events detailed in The Hobbit, were ruled by Bolg, son of Azog. That's him on the left, surrounded by his guards.

The slimmer figures are Alternative Armies, Bolg and the standard bearer are. I think, by Irregular. A few figures are missing shields, something that needs to be remedied in the future.


More goblin guardsmen

Bolg's guards are described as fighting in ranks, some had axes; being the biggest and most well equipped of the Misty Mountain Goblins I rate them as Irr Ax (S).

Skin colours vary somewhat; Uruks as well as some of the smaller goblins from Mordor are described as being 'black' (ie. probably dark brown rather than jet); half-Orcs are variously described as sallow-skinned or swart, implying goblins could range from quite dark through to swarthy.


Four trolls with pet wolf

Four (single-headed!) trolls of various types. Trolls served alongside the Orcs inhabiting the Mines of Moria, and would have consituted a large proportion of Angmar's military potential. They are not directly recorded serving alongside independent Orcs such as those from Mt Gundabad, but the option remains a distinct possibility given these others examples. In my army lists, the option for trolls allows the army to have some heavy infantry capability; at the expense of cutting down the number of wolves allowed in the army - trolls being most likely to associate with those groups least likely to venture out onto the surface world - and wolves are surface creatures.

The big-eared fellows are overly comical and not that appropriate as a result; I am unsure where they come from (Chariot?). The other two are by Alternative Armies. The guy with the beard and club is an Ogre (ogres are mentioned in The Hobbit, although not in a military manner); the stringy guy with the maul is labelled a Troll in their catalogue.


A great Warg from the northern valleys

Goblins armies could be accompanied by huge packs of wargs - large intelligent wolves able to talk in their own language. These I rate as Irr LH (I). Wolves are noted as operating in dispersed packs, picking off stragglers and the like, and slashing at the bellies of enemy horses - perfect light horse behaviour. They are rated as (I) because they lack missile weapons, and have no protective equipment other than their own hides.

This figures is I think made by Chariot. I rather like it. Like all model wolves I have seen however, it does not have the typically down-curved tail of a real wolf. Figure designers take note! Wolf eyes are yellow - they only appear red when light is reflecting back through them (as was the case when the wolves attacked the Fellowship outside Moria at night). Wolves typically are coloured somewhat darker on top than elsewhere - especially along the spine and down the muzzle.

Two wolfriders

A great Warg from the northern valleys

In addition to wolfpacks of great Wargs, wolves might serve in the Goblin equivalent of the cavalry - as mounts for wolfriders. I grade these as LH (O), since their riders added both offensive and defensive capabilities to the wolf.

The riders and the wolf on the right are from Alternative Armies. The wolf is a bit under-sized to bear the weight of the Orc riding it, but it is not too badly proportioned. The same can't be said for the wolf on the left, by Irregular, with its rediculously sized head - it is also rather sway-backed too.

Massed wolfriders

Massed wolfriders

A larger group of wolf-riders from Mt Gundabad showing a mixed selection of riders and mounts. Most of the riders are by Alternative Armies, wielding scimitars are light spears; some are the badly proportioned Irregular riders with lances, rip-hooks or other side-arms (I have replaced some of the more weird weapons with light spears).

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