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The Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem

This page last modified: April 15, 2000

Column of C13 knights

The Grand Master Nicholas de Lorgne leads a column of brother knights down a road, circa 1284 AD.

The Knights changed from a black tunic with white cross to a red tunic with white cross in 1259, with the brother sergeants changing over in 1278. The red shield with a white cross became standard under de Lornge.

Fortress scene

The column approaches one of last outposts of Christendom in the Levant. Turcopoles scout out towards the flanks of the small column.


Foot sergeants form in front of the Order's camp, with brother knights and sergeants to their right.

The white cross on red was used in battle only, otherwise the white cross on black was used, as here displayed on the tent, and now familiar (at least in New Zealand) as the emblem of the St. John's Ambulance organisation. The gallows is currently being used to hang a fresh calf carcass from, obviously due to a lack of deserters to hang!

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