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Gorbag and friends

Sauron's Orcs who were stationed inside Mordor, as opposed to say, those from Minas Morgul, carried the symbol of the Lidless Eye as their badge. The guy brandishing the outsized scimitar represents an officer like Gorbag.

He, like drummer and standard-bearer, is an Irregular Miniatures figure - too comically jowled for my tastes, and with the usual strange proportions, but he does at least stand out from his fellows making him quite recognizeable on the field.

Uruks from Mordor

Uruks of Minas Morgul

Uruks from Mordor, including a low-ranking officer, bearing tokens of the Lidless Eye. The figures are by Alternative Armies. I quite like them, although I don't like the fact that many of them don't have helmets; even these otherwise fairly well-armoured troops.

As Regular Bd (F) they provide the army some serious heavy infantry - but their numbers are rather limited. The vast morass of the goblins comprsing Mordor's Orcs are graded much more poorly., and really are not suitable for anything more than 'filler'.

Mordor Wolfpack

A Wolfpack from Mordor

Wolves - or 'Hounds of sauron' as Gandalf called them, do not appear to have featured prominently in Mordor region. Wolves are by no means restricted to cool northern climes however, as the real-life Ethiopean wolf demonstrates. This wolfpack represents wolves bred in the mountains surrounding Mordor. They are accordingly darker coloured than those found in my Mt Gundabad army - wolves become progressively lighter with increasing latitude - though in virtually all places, a great variety of shades and colours are found.


Wolfrider from Morannon

This wolfrider represents a presumed member of a patrol operating from Morannon and the Towers of the Teeth, Carchost and Narchost, over Dagorlad and beyond into Mirkwood and Dol Guldur.

The Mordor army list does not allow as many elements of wolfriders as some other lists, but it can still field a respectable number. This option disappears for Minas Morgul armies such as that that lost at the battle of Pelennor Fields however.

Wolfriders of Mordor

More wolfriders from Mordor

A selection of wolfriders on the darker pelted southern wolves. Some are greyish, tending towards black, some more brown. Real woves can range from nearly poure white in the high Arctic to virtually black in some low-latitude locations.

Wolfriders give the army a screen with which to manoeuvre behind. This is important, since the orcs that make up the bulk of the army tend to be considered easy targets by most foes, and it is usually well to move them away from danger rather than towards it...


Orc battle-line

Orc warriors advancing beneath the banner of the Lidless Eye. Here the battle-line is supported by archers; archery was an important part of the Orc battle-canon: just as well, as they would often lose hand-to-hand fights due to their small size.

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