Corbon's 10mm DBM Armies

This page last modified: 22 April, 2003

This pages show Corbon Loughnan's 10mm figures based up for DBM on stands usually used for 15mm figures. They are a mixture of Pendrakon and Irregular, and I have included them here because people keep asking him for pictures of them.

Indian Bd & Bw
More Indian Bd & Bw
Irr Bd (I) backed up by 2 element's depth of Irr Bw (S). These are Pendrakon figures.
Indian BwX/S
2 double-based elements of Irr Bw (X) and Bw (S) between an element of El (S) and one of WWg (X).
El (S)
El Bg
An element of El (S) flanking some Bw (S). More elephants, in the baggage park. Again, these are Pendrakon figures.
Indian Cv & Hd
An element of Irr Cv (I) and one of Irr Hd (O). Pendrakon figures once more.
Indian WWG (X) & Kn (S)
Irr WWg (X) and Irr Kn (S). There are two carts on each WWg base made from chariots bodies with attached wire spears. The small wheels look OK for carts, but don't suit the chariots at all.
EIR Bd (O)
Early Imperial Roman legionaries from Irregular. There are 10 figures on each base.
Pk (I)
15th century German knights
15th century Reg Pk (I). This double-base has 24 Pendrakon figures on it. A double-base of Reg Kn (I); Pendrakon figures again.
Armoured Pk
Armoured 15th century Pendrakon pikemen. These two double-bases have 12 and 18 figures respectively.

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