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Medieval Germany

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Free cantoners
Free Canton Ax (X)
A block of six elements of Free Cantoners classified as Auxilia (X). In earlier times, the inhabitants of the independent districts in the north of the Holy Roman Empire were noted for their javelin use, but the the latter half of the 15th century, this weapon had been abandoned in favour of pole weapons. These could be used by the lightly equipped men to pole-vault over the numerous drainage ditches that crossed the marshy local districts. These figures have been heavily converted. Most have had their heads swapped with other figures, and alternative weapons substituted for good measure. Most of the torsos and heads are ex-Table-Top miniatures, but there are a few other manufacturers represented as well. For those of you that are wondering, the background is 'tatami' - the grass-mat flooring typical of most Japanese bedrooms...

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showing late 15th century war-wagons. Some old photos of other war-wagons can be found here.

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