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What's new?

24 March 2014

The Notitia Dignitatum section has been updated heavily, but still lots of work to be done!

29 September 2012: Finally, an update!

A large new gaming section added: (Modern) Spearhead. Actually this has been up for several months now...

14 May 2006

The DBM Middle-Earth Army Lists have been updated to version 4.8 in light of the changes to DBM v3.1, and competition experience in France; most notable changes are Dragons are now El (S) and not El (X), and Trolls and Balrogs are now Bd (S) double-based with Bd (O) and not Ps (O).

20 June 2004

The Notitia Dignitatum section has been updated slightly; several lists in the DBM Alternative Army Lists section have been updated, and a new DBM scenario has been added: Tigranocerta.



Ancient Military History - a great hobby of mine. Here you can find various essays and other resources.

TEXNE TAKTIKE - The Art of Tactics: my own wargaming rules for recreating ancient battles.

Wargaming with DBM. Refighting ancient battles with the DBM set of rules published by WRG.

Other wargames - HotT, Aeronef etc.

A little about me - only for the terminally interested!


In the long gone days when I started the site, it was designed (and I use the term loosely...) with Netscape in mind - i.e. I used Netscape, and it worked on my browser! Should you have problems viewing it, you can try contacting me - but given my rather inadequate knowledge of non-Mac platforms, and come to think of it, Macs too for that matter, I'm unlikely to know more than you about how to fix it! Anyway, I use Firefox these days... I'm at:

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