Luke Ueda-Sarson

This page last modified: 1 October 2012

Wargaming is something I got into when young, just like history. Indeed, wargaming could be seen as a form of 'competitive history'. It provides both a mental challenge and a chance to pit yourself against an opponent like chess, but also ties in historical knowledge, and for those like me, research.

Most of the wargaming I did from 1992 to ca. 2002 was with the DBM set of Ancients rules. This portion of my site comprises sections about games other than DBM I have been involved with.

HotT - Hordes of the Things. The quarter-sized fantasy version of DBM. Here are a number of army lists I have created, etc.

Aeronefs: Victorian Science Fiction aeronautical vessels. Pictures, backgrounds and game-stats can all be found here.

Modern Spearhead (and WW2 Spearhead too): rules I've been playing a bit recently using 1:300th scale models.

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