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This page last modified: 14 March 2005

Military history is the academic work I would do given the freedom of choice. Alas one can't always get one's first choice... Here are some articles I have published (or am in the process of publishing) on various subjects.

Iphikrates and the Evolution of Hellenistic Infantry, part 1. An essay concentrating on Iphikrates' military reforms and their effect on 4th century BC warfare.

The Evolution of Hellenistic Infantry, part 2: the Successors. An essay concentrating on how troop types changed over the 150 years following the battle of Ipsos.

Arrian 4.4.6-7 and Macedonian combined arms tactics against the Skythians. One of the very few primary accounts existing giving tactical details on how horse archers could be effectively combatted.

Macedonian unit organisations under Alexander the Great. A long essay on Macedonian troop numbers, both horse and foot, during Alexander's reign.

The Maccabean army as seen through the war-scroll of the Sons of Light - part of the Dead Sea scrolls. A new interpretation of the evidence.

The Elephants of Alexander the Great - and their fate under his Successors.

Tarantine cavalry - a re-evaluation of this Hellenistic troop type.

Roman shield patterns of the 3rd century AD - a brief note.

Lanciarii, especially those of the 3rd century AD: what were they?

The Notitia Dignitatum. Every single shield pattern in the Bodleian version of this document is illustrated here (several hundred), along with a commentary that is still under construction.

Other items of interest:

Ancient Greek shield patterns - my illustrated library of hundreds of shield patterns, mostly taken from vases. The original reason I first made a web-site was to provide these pictures to help wargamers make their models look more authentic.

The Illyrians. I will one day do some serious research on their warriors. This is a holding ground for some pictures until then... It may take a while to load.

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