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5th January, 2014 (New game report: Czechoslovakians vs Americans)
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22nd October, 2013 (US 3ID list updated to v1.42 from 1.40)
19th October, 2013 (New list added: Hungarians, 1969-1987)
12th October, 2013 (Czech. 70s/80s list updated to version 4.6)

Welcome to the (M)SH portion of my web site. Recently, I've been building up a 1:300th scale Cold War Czechoslvakian force, focusing on the late 70s, but with gear to enable me to field forces from dates earlier or later, as well as branch out to other WarPac nations. Here is where I've gathered together various army lists, pictures, etc.

Lots more stuff can be found on my blog.

Since I prefer grand-tactical and operational-level battles, MSH are a reasonable fit for my needs - I have no interest in skirmish-level games where you have to command individual tanks, etc. Although Modern Spearhead declares itself to be a "divisional-level" game (just what I want), this is somewhat illusory; you need a massive table with half a dozen players a side going at at it for several days to get a proper divisional-level game done. The "average" table top game played with the MSH rules is likely to involve one player a side, commanding just a single regiment (or brigade for NATO-types). This is fine in rules terms, since the smallest thing represented on-table is the platoon, and not the company or battalion, but I'd probably be more happy if platoons were abstracted out of the game. Something to experiment with...

Czechoslovakian army lists - various TOEs in MSH format for the entire MSH-relevant Czechoslovakian military from 1958 to 1989. Separate lists are included for all three levels of mobilization, as well as complete details of higher-level assets, etc. Lists are also included for two Czechoslovakian forces in 1945 for (WW2) Spearhead: the British-supplied Czechoslovakian Armoured Brigade group, and the Soviet-supplied Czechoslovakian 1st Corps.

American 3rd Infantry Division army list for 1972 to 1982 (current version 1.42) and associated Data Card (current version 1.43). I had to research this list for my regular Japan-based opponent, Aaron Bell, so he could put up a force against me. This covers the period before the introduction of the M2/3 Bradley, in which you can use such things as M60A2s, M551s, and M114s in addition to the standard M113s and late-model M60A1s. The 3rd Infantry Division was posted in southern West Germany, and elements of it patrolled the Czechoslovakian border, making it a good potential opponent for my Czechoslovakians. The 3rd Infantry Division is of course, a much more formidable outfit than any contemporary Czechoslovakian division; under Keith McNelly's point system, just a single Brigade drawn from this list is worth the same as my entire Czechoslovakian 3rd Motor Rifle Division! This means in an attack-defence game with the Americans defending, they are going to be heavily outnumbered (and yet probably not as much as they might have been in "real life"...)

Hungarian army lists for 1969 to 1987 (current version 1.2). There will be an associated data card at some time... Included are two main lists (for Tank and Motor Rifle Divisions, respectively), plus higher-level assets, totalling 11 pages.

Coming "soon" here - Polish army list for 1967 to 1989 and associated Data Card. Various TOEs in MSH format for the entire MSH-relevant Polish military from the reorganization in 1967 through to the severe cutbacks in 1989. (This is involving a lot of work... in the meantime here is a sub-list for the 6th Airborne "division").

Photos of some of my (M)SH gear. Most is Heroics & Ros, but there is some other stuff in there too (some heavily modified), mostly Scotia, as well as my own Shapeways stuff.

Musings on house rules, games, and other MSH-relevant stuff.

Game reports.

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