15mm DBM Armies

Yes, there's a lot of them...


This page last modified: 27 May, 2002

Main armies I have: (I can field these independently of each other)

Early Frankish et al. I generally play Seuvi/Alamanns - I used to live in Strasbourg (Roman Argentoratum) after all, scene of their defeat by Julian before he became Emperor.
Late Imperial Roman - by far my largest army (well over 1000 points), which is why I can also field simultaneously:
Patrician Roman. An army to meet all occasions, it has so many options.
Nikephorian Byzantine. These were given (!) to me by my friend Graeme Ward. What a guy... Technically, they are Thematic Byzantines, given the horse armour, but that isn't they way they are based.
Medieval German (12th, 13th and 15th centuries). Click here for some pictures. I like these armies (there are many different types, and I can field several) - not generally killers by any means, but very interesting.
Later Crusader (13th century). Click here for some old pictures. These too were mostly given to me, this time by my friend Antony Chesney. It must be my appealing looks... not! They were painted by me though, Antony being mostly a board gamer. Sadly he lost his last battle on September 1, 2001, against cancer, a great loss.
Teutonic Orders (15th century). The army is just a bit too small for my tastes, and too "horsey". I just like infantry...
Later Muslim Indian. This army used to be Rhys Batchelor's. Click here for some pictures. A very interesting army, both visually and in terms of composition.
Order of St John (pre-1315 and post-1450) Click here for some old pictures. Hard to beat if defending, but hard to actually win with too.
Armies I can field as 'morphs' of the above:
Middle Imperial Roman. Mine are from the Tetrarchy (post 283 AD). I'd also happily play the version with 50-odd Hd (O), but it isn't in the official lists sadly (see Zosimus). I can really field these independently of my other two Romans armies as well.
Early Visigothic. These guys are too easy to punch through - either with mounted, or bad-going. In real-life, they'd rule the bad-going. Warband need a serious overhaul in my opinion. See my Wb article.
Early Vandal - with Alan allies. Go Gunderic! Vandals are much more viable under DBM 3.0, but still suffer from Wb(O)-itis.
Sub-Roman British. I won the New Zealand 1999 Nationals with these. Click here for the battle reports.
Middle-Frankish. Some people really like them, but I'm not a fan of Kn (F) generally, so stick with the earlier list (Kn (F) are much better in DBM v3.0, however). I just don't own enough of the horse to make them viable.
Early Serbian or Croatian (post 798 AD). I've never actually fielded these guys yet, but Croats look quite promising.
Feudal Spanish (13th century). Those Kn (S) really suited my narrow kitchen-table the one time they took on a Marian roman army there...
Norse Leidang. The Wendish allies are often over-looked in this list. A pity I can't field them, then....
Pecheneg. They are really hurt by only 3 generals, of which none can be LH. At least their war-wagons are more effective in v3.0, but they now get less of them...
Rus. I'll paint my Bulgar nobles one day, and then they'll be complete.
Early Polish (post 1242)
Early Hungarian (either 11th or 13th century)
Anglo-Danish. I haven't played with these since version DBM 1.0 (!). They are very one-dimensional, and not much use out of period.
Communal Italian (13th century). Quite nifty with 4 generals. Gotta love those WWg (X)... Click here for some pictures.
Konstantinian Byzantine. My cavalry aren't right for this period though.
Cuman. The bolt-shooters on heavy wagons appeal to me for some perverse reason.
Cilician Armenian (circa 1260). I really liked these guys with a Bw (X) Crusader ally - now illegal alas... I haven't played with these guys since the version 2 army lists came out.
Sicilian Norman (either 15th or late 13th centuries). I rather like the Feudal allies in this list.
Feudal English. I need to buy more archers to do this list justice.
Lusignan Cypriot. The late Venetian option is a very much over-looked list in my opinion.
Romanian Frank. A tough army when Catalan allies are included.
Later Hungarian (post 1441). I play this quite a lot, but it's not really foot-oriented enough for me. Too many light horse to be an infantry army - and I like their foot.
Medieval Scandanavian (15th century Union). Much better now that generals can lead the foot under v3.0. Has anyone got information on their banners, etc?
Low Countires (post 1410)
Italian Condotta. I tend to take a lot of foot; the Swiss allies can be very useful.
100 Years War English (post 1415). I only have 18 elements of archers at the moment which limits me somewhat.
Medieval French (post 1418). A bit one-dimensional for my tastes.
Medieval Portugese/Spanish (15th century).
Free Company (1444). Much more powerful now they have sub-generals.
Early Burgundian (post 1419). Not so hot against light horse, but powerful against many foot armies.
Later Swiss. A beautiful manuscript illustrating Swiss soldiers in 1499 can be found here.
French Ordonnance
Morphing medieval armies is much easier if you have exchangeable banners and standards, especially for early 15th century ones where the men-at-arms are mostly in "white harness". Use a hollow flag staff with a very thin inset rod that slides into it - and you can swap your banners around at will.

Thus my 1480 Hospitallers (red tabards with a white cross) become French Ordonnace gendarmes (also in red with a white cross), or my Swiss pikemen of the late 15th century (before the slashed clothing was introduced) can easily become German pikemen (their small crosses on their limbs are invisible when veiwed over a foot away!)

Despite the background, this list is not carved in stone... The list is very Eurocentric at the moment, and when I get some more time off I will consider branching out into some other area - I have purchased a bunch of Grump's new Ming Chinese figures which I will have to paint up at some stage for instance..

Non-historical armies:

I am currently painting a 15mm Middle-Earth force - it will be able to be fielded as Angband, Angmar, Mordor or as independent Goblins. See my Middle-Earth Army lists for details on these armies. Click here for some pictures.

Virtual armies:

I have laboriously 'painted' a complete set of Cyberboard troops from ca.1470 AD covering the entire Medieval German list, including all options save the Sp (which I am not convinced should exist at this date). If I do say so myself, they look really good. Drop me a line if you want to check out the tiles.

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