Luke's 15mm DBM Armies


This page last modified: November 11, 2000

Wolf pack
Mordor Wolf Rider
A wolf pack from Dol Guldur.
Being from the south, they are somewhat dark
An Orcish wolf rider from Mordor

Wolf riders
Orthanc Wolf Ridersr
A pair of Goblin wolf riders from the north
Wolf riders from Isengard.
The 'White Hand' was Saruman's badge

More wolf riders
Northern Wolf
Goblin wolf riders from Mount Gundabad
A great wolf from the wilds of the north

Mordor wolf riders
Wolf riders from Mordor.
Some of the Orcs as well as the wolves are darker skinned
These figures are mostly a mixture of Alternative Armies and Irregular. Unfortunately, Alternative Armies no longer produce 15mm figures. The Irregular ones are rather ill-proportioned with big heads, but give some variety. The springing wolf above is from Chariot I think.

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