Musings on MSH

This page last modified: 12 October 2013 (updated Rant the 1st)

Various bits-n-bobs relating to MSH will go here. There's nothing much to see here at the moment, since I'm too busy putting putting up the other pages.

Currently I'm building up the Czechoslovakian 3rd Motor Rifle Division, with all the gear to model it from the early 70s through to the late 80s. At the moment, the great majority of the force has been completed; the main things that need doing are:

painting up the last two OT-62 batalions for the 5th Motor Rifle Regiment, so I can model it as it was before it was reequipped with BVP-1 in 1979,
paint up the last engineering assets - mostly ARVs plus all the amphibious river-crossing vehicles and pontoon bridges, and
paint up the 6th Motor Rifle Regiment's 122 mm howitzer battalion.
Once they are done, I will have to finish off the "extras" that I have bought so I can field other units that have access to better gear than the 3rd, such as T-72M tanks, SA-13 SAMs, and 2S1 self-propelled artillery.

I'm also building up a good chunk of the Czechoslovakian 1st Corps from 1945, and although it's a lower priority mission than the 3rd Division, I've made some decent progress on it this year.

Rant the 1st

The rule that most strikes me in MSH as being the most silly is the rule that says (6.3.1, on page 13) that any stationary element on a hill counts as in cover. An element that is higher up so you can more easily see it is harder to spot? WTF? With this rule, an element standing on a ridge, silhouetted against the sky, somehow becomes magically harder to see than one on the ground!

Now I have to admit that the rule does serve an important game function: giving defenders an advantage over attackers. But, IMNSHO, attackers should be penalised in more appropriate ways than a silly rule like this. For example, attackers could simply take a -1 direct fire modifier if moving (in addition to shooting second), for example.

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