Marine Aquaria

I started setting up my first indoor aquarium in March, 2004, having decide I wanted a marine tank, despite (because of?) the challenges involved (high maintenace, high cost). This is because marine inhabitants are on the whole so much more colourful than fresh-water ones. I can't comment on the merits of the statement "you need to learn some water chemistry to keep a marine aquarium" because I am a chemist...

This proved quite interesting, and as luck would have it, a colleague at work was a marine tank fanatic, and I was soon getting all sorts of odds of ends from him. This culminated in July 2004 with another tank arriving! I determined that this second tank would not be a stand-alone affair, but be linked to the first one, not least because I didn't want to get hold of a second cooling unit.

The details of the first tank can be found here, as it was sometime before the two tanks were linked together.

Centropyge loricula

Centropyge loricula, or Flame Angel, a species of Dwarf Angel fish

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