Battle Reports

This page last modified: 10 April, 2002

Most of the battle reports on this site can be accessed from here. A few are tucked away elsewhere however.

Magnesia - an historical refight. Over 2000 AP total.
Condotta! Battle reports of the 13 games I umpired rather than played in my 15th century Italian campaign can be found here.
NatCon 99. How I managed to win the NZ nationals with a Sub-Roman British (!) army. 6 battle reports.
Valley Con '99 - using a borrowed 100 Years War English army. 4 battle reports plus a few pictures.
Frenzy 2000 - 5 short battle reports; again using a brorrowed army: Late Muslim Indian.
NatCon 2002 - 6 battle reports about how my Alamanns fared at the New Zealand 2002 Nationals.

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