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A 15th century Italian States DBM campaign run by Luke Ueda-Sarson

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(battle reports at the bottom of the page)

Summer 1482
The Milanese ruthlessly completed their reduction of Aosta, while the Venetian army moved to attack the Florentine protectorate of Pisa. There they were beaten by the Florentines, and were forced to retreat to Este. The Duke of Savoy fled into exile following civil unrest.

Spring 1482
The Val d'Aosta, now under Genoese control, was reinvaded by the Milanese under their new captain-general, the ex-Grenadine mercenary Curbarani. The small Genoese force there was decisively beaten. The Venetians attacked the Florentines in Este again, where they also won a decisive victory. The Venetians followed up their victory by storming Este and securing the province, while the Florentine condottieri Spumante died of wounds recieved in the battle.

Winter 1481
All the states remained inactive, although recruiting for the coming year continued apace. The young Leonardo unveiled his colossal equestrian bronze masterpiece in Milan.

Autumn 1481
The Genoans marched to Aosta and broke the Milanese seige, killing their commander, Lagobambino in the process. They then evicted the Savoyard defenders and garrisoned it themselves.

Summer 1481
The Milanese marched to Aosta, the last remaining Savoyard posession south of the Alps. Savoy agreed to cede Lausanne to the Genoans in exchange for a peace treaty, enabling them to concentrate on the defence of Aosta. There their small army was decisively beaten by the Milanese, although the garrison still holds out. The Venetians once again invaded the Florentine province of Este, but were decisively beaten and had to withdraw.

Spring 1481
The Venetians, having secured Mantua, marched south into Florentine territory. They had convinced the Condottieri Berterelli to change sides, but the Florentines had made good this loss by convincing the Swiss to back them rather than the Venetians. After an inconlcusive battle with the defending Florentines, the Venetians retired unmolested. The Genoese, having recruited a new army, led another attack on Nice, and recaptured the city after defeating the Savoyards once more in the field.

Winter 1480
The Milanese installed a garrison in Torino while the Savoyards pursued the retreating Genoese to the Mediterranean bent on recovering Nice. In the subsequent battle outside the city, the Genoese were beaten again, their leaders fleeing by ship, while the Savoyards lost most of their Generals in the fight. The Venetians managed to captured Mantua from the Florentines after a seige, and razed the province for much-needed supplies.

Autumn 1480
The Genoese pressed forwards in their campaign against Savoy by marching on Geneva. The Savoyards however routed the Genoese army in a bloody battle on the shores of the lake. The Milanese, being refused tribute by the Savoyards, moved to retake Torino again while the Savoyards were busy defending Geneva, and pillaged the place again once the autumn harvest was in. The Venetians invaded Mantua where they decisively bet the depleted Florentine army but were unable to capture the city.

Summer 1480
The Genoese captured Nice and pillaged it. The Milanese abandoned Torino allowing the Savoyards to re-enter the province; the returning Milanese routed a Florentine invasion of Piacenza, gainning their Condottierei captain-general, Carboni Lagobambino, yet further glory.

Spring 1480
The Genoese failed in their attempt to storm Nice, Savoy's only port, and sat down to starve the city into submission. The Milanese defeated the Savoyard army near Torino, and captured the city and province after the battle. Tough times ahead for the Duke of Savoy!

Summer 1482 proved to be the last campaign turn that was played for various reasons. Although I was disappointed it didn&t carry on longer, I was well satisfied with the campaign as far as it went; which older club-members assured me was far longer than any previous one!

Victory Point League

The States:
FLORENCE: Ion Dowman
MILAN: Brent Regan
SAVOY: Jonathan Parks
VENICE: Nicholas Grant
GENOA: Kevin Neilson


The Condottieri:
Giovanni Ambulatore: Andre Evers
Carboni Lagobambino: Corbon Loughnan
Berterelli: Mark Otley
Asti de Spumante:Brent Burnett-Jones
Walter de Brienne IV: Bryan Sowman
Disco Volante: Dave Evans
Luigi Problematica: Martin Abel
Vermicelli Volante: Dave Evans
Lorenzo Corleoni: Tim Driver
Curbarani: Corbon Loughnan
Comte da Monnei: Brent Burnett-Jones

45 [killed at Villeneuve, September 1481]
11.1 [mortally wounded at San Martino, March 1482]
22 [killed at Nice, December 1480]

Battle Reports

The battle for Torino, Spring, 1480
The battle for Piacenza, Summer, 1480
The battle of Nernier, fought by Lake Geneva, Autumn, 1480
The battle of Valeggio, fought near Mantua, Autumn, 1480
The battle of Nice, Winter, 1480
The battle of San Lorenzo, Spring, 1481
Action at Cavezzo, Spring, 1481
The battle of Aosta, Summer, 1481
The battle of Cento, Summer, 1481
The battle of Villeneuve, Autumn, 1481
The battle of San Martino, Spring, 1482
The battle of Donnaz, Spring, 1482
The battle of Pontedera, Summer, 1482


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