The Exculcatores seniores

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In the western half of the empire, the Exculcatores seniores is listed (98/9.48 in Ingo Maier's numbering scheme) as one of auxilia palatina units in the Magister Peditum's infantry roster; it is assigned (102/5.71) to his Italian command.

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Unusually for a unit of auxilia palatina, its shield pattern is not recorded in the Notitia. Interestingly, neither of the patterns of the next two units in the Magister Peditum's infantry roster, the Sagittarii Tungri (98/9.49) and the Exculcatores iuniores (98/9.50), are recorded either, and since it appears there may have been another unit listed with these units, the patterns of all of them might have been inadvertently deleted simultaneously, as a single row of four shields.

The name Exculcatores means "those who tread down" or "the Tramplers", and they are described in Vegetius' military manual, roughly contemporary with the Notitia, in these terms (2.15): Post hos erant ferentarii et levis armatura, quos nunc exculcatores et armaturas dicimus..., i.e. "Following [the first line] were the ferentarii and [other] light infantry, whom we now call exculcatores and armaturas...".

Two other units bear the name Exculcatores in the Notitia: the Exculcatores iuniores (98/9.50) and the Exculcatores iuniores Britanniciani (98/9.82). Both are listed in the Magister Peditum's infantry roster as auxilia palatina units; only the Exculcatores iuniores Britanniciani has its shield pattern recorded.


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