The Balistarii Theodosiani iuniores

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The Balistarii Theodosiani iuniores is listed (21.31 in Ingo Maier's numbering scheme) as the eight of nine pseudocomitatenses units under the Magister Militum per Illyricum. Like the other eight pseudocomitatenses units in the same command, and unlike the five other eastern units of Balistarii in the Notitia, its shield pattern is not recorded.

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No Balistarii Theodosiani seniores is to be found in the Notitia. There is, however, a Balistarii Theodosiaci (15.34), a pseudocomitatenses unit under the Magister Militum per Orientem, which might possibly represent a potential Balistarii Theodosiani seniores, with scribal confusion between Theodosiaci and Theodosiani, and a dropping of the seniores. Alternatively, the Balistarii Theodosiani seniores is simply missing; perhaps through having been destroyed before the Notitia was first compiled (or perhaps, after this date, but before it was last edited), or perhaps by being stationed somewhere that doesn't warrant a mention in the Notitia (e.g. no units are listed as being in Wales, or in Libya, despite the existence of a section heading for a Dux Libyarium, at least, in some manuscripts).

It should be noted that since the Balistarii Theodosiaci appears to be related to the Legio secunda Flavia Constantia Thebaeorum (15.22), judging by their shield patterns, and, likewise, the Balistarii seniores (15.20) is related to the Prima Flavia Constantia (15.21), then there is to my mind a strong possibility the Balistarii Theodosiani iuniores is related to the previously-listed unit in the eastern Illyrian list, the (then presumably Legio) Secundi Theodosiani (21.30), but since both their shield patterns are missing, further evidence for this connection is lacking. (Note that the Munich manuscript inserts an entry reading Balistarii Theodosiani between 21.30 and 21.31.)


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