Cohors II Lingonum

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The fifteenth item listed (154.31 in Ingo Maier's numbering scheme) under the command of the Dux Britanniarum following the subsection headed "along the line of the Wall" (item 154.16, per lineam valli), is Tribunus cohortis secundae Lingonum Congavata.

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The Tribunus cohortis secundae Lingonum is said to be stationed at Congavata. The identification - or even the existence - of this location was insecure until positively identified with modern Drumburgh through the 2003 discovery of the Staffordshire Moorlands pan, giving a location called "Coggabata"; the only attestation of the place known so far outside the Notitia. The cohors II Lingonum equitata is attested in locations scattered around the north of England (RIB 635, RIB 798, RIB 800), but no epigraphic evidence from Drumburgh has been found for its garrison; only two inscriptions recording legionary builders (RIB 2051, RIB 2052), and another apparently mentioning repair work (RIB 2053, possibly from 369 AD). The unit, like cohors I Lingonum (= 154.14 ?) and cohors II Lingonum (154.17), would have originally been recruited in Gaul; the Lingones were originally a Gallic tribe. They lent their name to the area around what is now modern Langres in France (Roman "Civitas Lingonum", attested as being part of the province of Lugdunensis I in the "Notitia Galliarum", a work that is included, together with several other works, in the codices bound together with the manuscripts of the "Notitia Dignitatum"). Note that a cohors III Lingonum is also attested in Britain from diplomata (e.g. CIL 16,69), but not from stone inscriptions, so it may have left the island in the 2nd century.

As with all limitanei units in the Notitia, the shield pattern of the Cohors II Lingonum is not illustrated.


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