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Campaign updates and battle reports

This page last modified: March 6, 2001

Campaign participants:

Queen Margaret of AnjouCorbon LoughnanKim Duckworth
Richard Duke of YorkMartin HallPeter Dunn
Richard Neville, Earl of WarwickMartin Ossa-BordesMike Campbell
Henry Beaufort, Duke of SomersetGary MannRob Cameron
John Mowbray, Duke of NorfolkChris WebberMark Riddle
Humphrey Stafford, Duke of BuckinghamJohn GarveyPeter Page
Henry Percy, Earl of NorthumberlandAndre EversMike Anastasiadis
Richard Lord HerbertDave EverettRhys Batchelor
Henry Lord HollandTroy AdlingtonDavid Kinzett


Spring 1456: will start in mid-May 2001, come back then to check up on things...


Victory point tables

Battle Reports


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