Army List Notes: Numenor

Numenor was a very large island peopled by the those men, the Edain, allied to the Elves of Beleriand at start of 2A. The Numenoreans were slow in returning to Middle-Earth, at first content with their own island, but gradually taking lands for their own, until they became the most powerful empire Middle-Earth had ever seen. The island was drowned in the great cataclysm of 2A3319, but its culture survived in the two successor states of Arnor and Gondor. These are covered by their own lists in 3A, but use this list in 2A post 3319.

Aggression is rated 4, as Numenor itself was never invaded, while the Nmenoreans conquered many other nations. Gondor and Arnor were likewise aggresive in overthrowing Sauron. The terrain list and climate reflects the island of Numenor itself, a land with a favourable climate (UT, p165ff) and resources. A road is compulsory, as the state was very well-organised, with many roads, for the most part unpaved however (UT, p169).

Numenoreans fought almost exclusively on foot (UT, p278), the only exceptions being mounted scouts. They were well-organised, disciplined, and trained to a high standard. They formed up in shield-walls when on the defensive (UT, p272), and used longer weapons than the short Orcish spear (UT, p273), and are hence graded as Reg Sp (O). Guards units existed (UT, p271) - I assume that these would be equally capable with sword or spear. That they could form up in wedge formations (UT, p273) would certainly point to a Bd classification being permissible. In any case, Numenoreans used axes as weapons (UT, p170). The option for a Bd (S) C-in-C is to cover Elendil wielding Narsil (Sil, p354).

As well as these close-fighting troops, archers were also employed. They were organised into cohorts and shot dense volleys, and are accordingly graded as Reg Bw (UT, p170). These were longbowmen using steel bows (UT, p273), and can accordingly be classified as Bw (S).

Engines of war are mentioned (Sil, p330) which I have assumed to be similar to those of their Gondorian descendents (RotK, p158).

Auxiliary light horse-archers were employed (UT, p278), hence the LH (F) listed, and the Ax (O) represent those tribesmen of the forests and hills that they at first befriended (Sil, p316).

Numenoreans were excellent mariners, and used naval forces extensively, for instance in the defence of the Grey Havens (eg UT, p239) assisting the Noldor against Sauron. Such was the size of the Numenorean fleet on this occasion that it could scarcely find harbourage (hence the large number of naval elements allowed, and the rating of the Noldor as allies, rather than the Numenoreans being allied to the Noldor).

Before Numenor fell, it had laid vast parts of Middle-Earth under vassalage (Sil, p319); such peoples were not very advanced, and so cannot contain regular troops. The Hillmen of the Ered Nimrais swore allegiance to Gondor; as they in fact refused to take the field against Sauron they are counted as allies (UT, p430).

The banner of Elendil was black, with a white tree, surrounded by seven stars, surmounted by a gold and silver crown (RotK, p145).

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