Cohors II Thracum (at Gabrosenti)

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The seventeenth item listed (154.33 in Ingo Maier's numbering scheme) under the command of the Dux Britanniarum following the subsection headed "along the line of the Wall" (item 154.16, per lineam valli), is the Tribunus cohortis secundae Thracum Gabrosenti.

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The men under the Tribunus cohortis secundae Thracum are listed as being stationed at Gabrosenti (i.e. Gabrosentum, modern Moresby), the last of a series of fortifications extending "the line of Wall" further around the Cumbrian coast. Beyond diplomata, which give the unit as cohors II Thracum equitata, i.e a part-mounted auxiliary infantry cohort, the unit has left little epigraphic evidence relating to Britain. Most of it comes from Moresby, but an exception is RIB 2142 from Mumrills, the largest fort of the Antonine Wall (Roman name unknown), which states a deceased soldier from the unit was a Brigantian, and thus a native of Britain. This contrasts to many other soldiers whose ethnicities are stated on British monuments, and who most frequently are not. Cohortes I, VI, & VII Thracum are also attested in Britain from epigraphic sources, but are not to be found in the Notitia; or at least not in Britain: there is a cohors I miliaria Thracum (61.19) under the Dux Arabiae, a cohors I Thracocum [sic] (61.20) under the same Dux, and a cohors I Thracum civium romanorum (141.39) under the Dux Provinciae Pannoniae secundae ripariensis et Saviae, as well as another cohors II Thracum (52.33), under the Comes limitis Aegypti. The name Thracum refers to Thrace, the region in the Balkans approximating modern Bulgaria; the units was presumably originally recruited from there.

As with all limitanei units in the Notitia, the shield pattern of the British cohors II Thracum is not illustrated.


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