Army List Notes: Mordor

This list represents all Sauron's forces except those based at Angmar under the Witch-King, which have their own list.

From 3A1000 to 3A1980 Sauron did not occupy Mordor, and instead was based at Dol Guldur. In this period, he was regaining his strength, and is rated only Aggression 2 since he did not send any armies to invade other countries from Dol Guldur, but neither was he attacked. Climate is rated Cold, since Aragorn states that even the regions around the Anduin to the south could expect snow over winter (TFotR, p495). No WW is allowed, as the Anduin is not big enough to classify as a waterway, being small enough for Orcs to shoot arrows across around the Falls of Rauros (FotR, p502) - and the same falls would stop invaders bringing ships anyway. Dol Guldur was located deep within Mirkwood hence the required Wd.

Before this period, from about 2A1000, and afterwards, Sauron was based in Mordor (RotK, p458). Aggression is rated 4 as he was of course the prime aggressor in Middle-earth, being invaded only once (2A3434), and invading others countless times.

Climate is rated Dry, as the Plateau of Gorgoroth in whch Barad-dur and Orodruin were located was a waterless wasteland (RotK, p256), rimmed by mountains, and riddled with gullies, hence the compulsory RGo (RotK, p254). The M represents the marsh in front of Morannon (RotK, p196), and also the Dead Marshes slight further afield.

Most of Sauron's troops were provided by Orcs. See the Goblin list for notes on how these are classified. Most were pale-skinned, although the smaller ones could be black-skinned (RotK, p241). Orcs carried badges on their helmets - most carried the Red Evil Eye (UT, p282; RotK, p110, 226, 241). Uniforms might be worn: the livery of the Red Eye, or, like those from Minas Morgul, the Moon distorted into a skull (RotK, p213). While the usage of uniforms and the like would usually indicate regular status in DBM, Orcs were such a fractious lot, fighting amongst themselves at the drop of a hat (eg. RotK, p250) that irregular seems more appropriate.

Although wolves, ridden or riderless, were used, being called 'Hounds of Sauron' by Gandalf (FotR, p388) they do not seem to have been as prevalent as under Morgoth, or in independent Goblin tribes, and they are therefore not compulsory. They would likely be more common in the colder north than in Mordor from where most of our evidence comes from, and as such can be included in allied contingents supplied to other armies.

Trolls were quite commonly used. (RotK, p119, 202, 521). Trolls were incredibly tough (FotR, p428) and are rated as a Bd (S); the Ps supports double-based with them mean that they will not be overrun by Kn easily, while at the same time enabling their bases to be bigger, so that their figures can be more accomodated easily!

Half-trolls (RotK, p143) or Troll-men (RotK, p145) are mentioned - I assume these would be ferocious, if not as much as genuine trolls, and not so agile and fast as Orcs, and have graded them as Wb (O).

Sauron had many Men in his armies (FotR, p520; TT, p307; RotK, p110). Some of these would count as allied contingents, fighting under their own leaders, such as the Haradrim at the Battle of Pelennor Field (RotK, p134); others had Sauron as their overlord (TT, p307), and are accordingly included in the main list. Most were foot, as Sauron had few horsemen (RotK, p107). Mostly of eastern origins, they could be axemen (FotR, p520; RotK, p143) or swordsmen (FotR, p520), or even spearmen (see the Easterlings army list notes). Easterlings could be Variags (RotK, p145), Wainriders (RotK, p520) and others (RotK, p110, 201).

Dwarves did not favour Sauron, although a few a recorded fighting for him in 2A, and so they are allowed as a limited ally contingent (p354).

After Sauron made the One Ring, the Nazgul, or Ring-wraiths, were his most trusted servants. They typically rode upon black horses; their abilities are best classifed as Reg Kn (S). A Reg Kn (S) general could also be the Mouth of Sauron (RotK, p197, 201).

In the later 3A, Sauron bred the Uruk-Hai, a bigger and more ferocious breed of Orc more closely tied to himself (RotK, p409). I have assumed Gothmog, lieutenant of Minas Mogul, was one (RotK, p143). See the Orthnac list notes for more on Uruks.

Trench works were used at Minas Tirith to protect the catapults (RotK, p111) and cut roads (RotK, p125). The catapults could fire incendiaries (RotK, p112), and as they outranged the defenders' ones, they are classed as Art (S). Seige-towers were also used (RotK, p115, 119) at the same action.

Cavalry may be graded as Reg, since not all was provided by Easterner vassals (TT, p307): Cirith Ungol had some (RotK, p231), and Minas Morgul had many, moving in an ordered manner and clad in black (TT, p395), as were the Mouth of Sauron's mounted guard (RotK, p197).

The banner of the Mouth of Sauron was black with the lidless eye (RotK, p112) in red (RotK, p197)

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