Macedonian Expeditionary 336 BC - 323 AD

Before 330 BC: Warm. Ag 4. WW, Rv, H(S), H(G), Wd, O, V, RGo, Rd, BUA.
From 330 BC: Dry. Ag 4. WW, Rv, H(S), H(G), O, E, RGo, Rd, BUA.
Nominal list scale: From 334 to 329 BC, except for Parmenio, 1 element equals 125 men (half normal scale); otherwise 1 element equals 250 men.

C-in-C - as Companions - Reg Kn (F) @ 31 1
Downgrade C-in-C if leading mercenaries - Reg Kn (I) @ 28 AP, Reg Cv (O) @ 28 AP or Reg Cv (I) @ 26 AP 0-1
Sub-general - as Companions or Pezetairoi @ +20 AP 0-1
Sub-general - as Greek mercenaries @ +20 AP 0-1
Greek mercenary and/or allied horse - Reg Kn (I) @ 8 AP, Reg Cv (O) @ 8 AP or Reg Cv (I) @ 6 AP 0-11
Replace Greek horse with Companions or Thessalians - Reg Kn (F) @ 11 AP 0-9
Thracian prodromoi, hippakontistai etc. - Irr LH (O) @ 5 AP 0-4
Greek mercenary foot - Reg Sp (I) @ 4 AP 8-48
Regrade Greek mercenary foot if acting as Euzonoi - Reg Ax (O) @ 4 AP Any
Akontistai - Irr Ps (S) @ 3 AP 0-4
Archers - Reg Ps (O) @ 2 AP 0-8
Replace Greek mercenary foot with Pezetairoi - Reg Pk (O) @ 4 AP 0-23
Regrade Pezetairoi as Reg Ax (0) @ 24 AP if sub-general, otherwise 4 AP Any
Replace Greek mercenary foot with Thracian mercenaries - Irr Ax (O) @ 3 AP or Irr Ax (S) @ 4 AP 0-8

Only from 336 BC to 335 BC:
Replace Companions with Macedonian Prodomoi - Reg LH (O) @ 5 0-2

Only Parmenio from 334 BC to 329 BC:
Replace all Pezetairoi and Thracian foot with Greek allies - Irr Sp (I) @ 3 AP 0-28

Only after 328 BC:
Replace Akontistai with Agrianians - Reg Ps (S) @ 3 AP All/0
Replace Pezetairoi with Hypaspists - all Reg Pk (S) @ 5 AP or all Reg Ax (S) @ 5 AP 0 or 4
Replace Mercenary and allied horse with Bactrians and Sogdians - Irr Cv (O) @ 7 AP 0-4

Special rules:

Companions may dismount as Ax (S) if on a hill or within 300p of a an enemy-occupied hill.
This list covers most of the frequent columns led by generals other than Alexander the Great that campaigned separately from the main Macedonian field army during the Asian expedition; expeditions led by Alexander are covered by the separate Alexandrian Expeditionary list. It also covers the force sent by Philip to Asia before Alexander's crossing to Asia. If any Companions are used, the C-in-C must be a Companions element. Macedonian prodromoi must not outnumber Companions; Thracian prodromoi, hippakontistai etc. must not outnumber non-Companions mounted elements. No more than 4 elements of Companions may be used before 328 BC. A third general may only be used if at least 16 elements of Mercenaries are used. The number of mounted elements must be no more than half the total number of Pk and Ax elements; the number of Ps elements must also be no more than half the total number of Pk and Ax elements. No command may include both Pk Pezetairoi and Ax Pezetairoi or Ax Hypaspists. Regrading Pk as Ax represents troops armed with javelins instead of pikes.


This list is an attempt to cover the great majority of Macedonian forces not covered by my other Macedonian lists contemporary with Alexander the great. Due to the great variety of forces used, an unusual number of restrictions have needed to be included in the lis notes to ensure players are not free to choose essentially any combianation at will, and yet still cover all legitimate choices. This is also reflected in the nominal list scale: a scale of 1:125 gives too much choice if applied uniformly over the list; accordingly a scale of 1:250 has been chosen for certain commanders to give a reasonable list balance in terms of maxima and minima. In the case of using the 1:125 option, to fight battles at true scale, all list minima and maxima must therefore be halved.

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