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Middle-Earth Army Lists for "Hordes of the Things"

by Luke Ueda-Sarson

LDS in Dwarven Runes

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These lists expand on those given in my DBM Middle-earth army lists section.

Nandor (Green Elves) of Ossiriand
Sindar (Grey Elves) of Beleriand
Sindar of Lorien
Sindar of Mirkwood
Laiquendi and Ents of Ossiriand
Khazad (Dwarves)
Angband - with Balrogs
Angband - without Balrogs
Noldor (Deep Elves) - pre-Princedoms
Noldor - 1st age Princedoms
Noldor - 2nd age
Noldor - Gondolin
Easterlings - 1st age, Haleth
Easterlings - 1st age, others
Easterlings - Wainriders
Easterlings - Balchoth
Easterlings - others
Orcs (Goblins)
Wargs (Giant Wolves)
Mordor - Minas Tirith assault force
Mordor - others
Harad and the Southron Kingdoms
Numenor (and early Gondor and Arnor)
Northmen of Rhovanion
Gondor - early
Gondor - middle
Gondor - late
Arnor (and Cardolan)
Angmar - the forces of the Witch King
Dale and later northern Rhovanion
Orthanc the forces of Saruman the White
Shire - Hobbits

Nandor - early 1st age Green Elves

1 x Shooter general - Denethor and guards
4 x Lurkers - Elves hidden in woods, etc
9 x Shooters - unarmoured Elves with bows

Stronghold: village by a river

The Nandor were unarmoured and armed only with bows, and hence easily succumbed to the great initial Orc invasion of eastern Beleriand. Denethor retreated a hill, but was slain before Thingol's Sindar could rescue him. These Elves are described as wearing green to camouflage themselves, and as hiding in forests when confronted by superior foes, hence the high number of lurking ambushers in the list. Allies: Sindar. Enemies: Angband ('other armies'), Men (1st age Easterlings).

Sindar - 1st age Grey elves from Menegroth
1 x Hero general - Mablung or Beleg
1 x Hero - Beleg or Turin
3 x Blades - Elves with Axes
2 x Spears - Elves with Spears
3 x Shooters - Elves with bows

Stronghold: Elfhill by a river

Options: make the general one of the Blade elements (King Thingol)

The Sindar of Beleriand were well-equipped with armour and weapons made by the Dwarves. Thingol the King didn't trust the Noldor, and refused to let his soldiers fight alongside them. He himself didn't lead his armies, having several able captains to do the job for him. Menegroth was sacked by the Dwarves of Nogrod, who killed Thingol; the Dwarves with their loot were later ambushed by Beren's Laiquendi; the Kingdom was eventually destroyed by teh Noldor Elves of East Beleriand. Allies: Nandor, Laiquendi, Men (1st age Haleth). Enemies: Angband ('other armies'), Dwarves, Noldor (East Beleriand princedoms).

Woodelves of Lorien

1 x Shooter general - Celeborn
1 x Cleric - Galadriel
3 x Lurkers - Elves hidden in woods, etc
8 x Shooters - Elves with longbows

Stronghold: green-walled arboreal city

Galadriel is classified as a Cleric because she didn't use offensive powers, but rather used her magic defensively - summoning mist to conceal troops, and blocking Sauron's powers, etc. Celeborn led the counter-attack against Dol Guldur, so he is classified as the general rather than Galadriel. Their guards were bowmen. Allies: 2nd Age Noldor (this also covers their remnants into the 3rd age). Enemies: Mordor ('other armies'), Orcs.

Woodelves of Mirkwood - 3rd age

1 x Spear general - Thranduil
5 x Spears - Elves with spears
6 x Shooters - Elves with bows

Stronghold: Elfhill by a river

Options: replace 2 Spears and/or Shooters with 2 flyers (giant eagles), or replace 1 shooter with two Lurkers (Elves hidden in woods, etc)

These elves were armed either as spearmen or as archers (using shorter bows than in Lorien). Their equipment wasn't very heavy, which combined with impetuous behaviour, leding to heavy loses at Dagorlad. The eagles should only be used in an alliance with the men of Laketown (the Dale list), in which case some Dwarves should be used to. Allies: Dale, Woodsmen. Enemies: Mordor ('other armies'), Orcs.

Laiquendi - late 1st age Green Elves

1 x Hero general - Beren One-handed
2 x Lurkers - Elves hidden in the woods, etc
5 x Shooters - Elves with bows
2 x Behemoths - Ents

Stronghold: village by a river

The Green Elves, or Laiquendi were aborbed by the Sindar after Denethor's death, but still retained their own lords. After Thingol's death, Beren led a force of Green Elves and Ents (tree-like giants) against the Dwarves who killed Thingol and sacked Menegroth. Allies: Sindar. Enemies: Angband ('other armies'), Dwarves.


1 x Hero general - the King
10 x Blades - warriors with axe or mattock

Stronghold: mountain door

Options: replace one blade element with a shooters element (Dwarves with bows) or a riders element (Dwarves on ponies)

Allies: Dwarves, Noldor (either Princedoms or 2nd Age), Orcs, Easterlings ('other nations'), Dale. Enemies: Sindar, Laiquendi, Dwarves, Angband ('other armies'), Orcs, Mordor ('other armies').

Angband and the Balrogs

1 x Hero general - Gothmog and troll guards
1 x Hero - other Balrogs
2 x Beasts - wolves and the like
2 x Riders - Orcs mounted on wolves
12 x Hordes - Orcs

Stronghold: mountain door

Options: replace one horde element with a Lurkers element (phantasms of Sauron, giant spiders, vampires, etc); regrade general as a Behemoth (Glaurung the dragon-worm) OR replace the non-general Hero and 4 Hordes with 2 Behemoths (lots of dragon-worms)

Balrogs like Gothmog, despite possesing wings, didn't fly, so are not classified as aerial heroes. Carcharoth the giant wolf didn't fight any battles, so isn't represented. Allies: Men (1st age Easterlings). Enemies: Noldor (Pre-princedoms and 1st Age Princedoms), Gondolin.

Angband's other armies
1 x Warband general - Orc chieftain and guards
3 x Beasts - wolves and the like
3 x Riders - Orcs mounted on wolves
10 x Hordes - Orcs

Stronghold: orc army-camp, or (for Sauron) a dark tower, or (for Glaurung) a cave entrance

Options: replace one horde element with a lurkers element (phantasms of Sauron, giant spiders, vampires, etc); replace 2 hordes and the general with either a magician general (Sauron the Sorceror) or a Behemoth general (Glaurung the dragon-worm).

Allies (warband general only): Easterlings (1st Age). Enemies: Nandor, Sindar, Laiquendi, Noldor (1st Age Princedoms), Dwarves, Men (1st age Haleth or 1st Age other Dunedian).

Noldor (Deep Elves) prior to the founding of the 1st age Princedoms
1 x Hero general - Feanor or Fingolfin
2 x Heroes - sons of Feanor or Fingolfin
6 x Blades - Elves with swords

Stronghold: fortified camp

Options: (Fingolfin only) may replace 1 Hero with 2 Blades

The Noldor brought very few horses with them to Middle-Earth, and seemingly did not use bows for warfare other than from horseback. Their infantry are described as fleet armoured swordsmen. The contingent led by Fingolfin was more numerous than that led by Feanor. Allies: Noldor (pre Princedoms). Enemies: Angband (and the Balrogs).

Noldor (Deep Elves) Princedoms
1 x Hero general - Prince (or King) and guards
1 x Hero - other Princes of the same house
4 x Blades - Noldor with swords
2 x Riders - Noldor horse-archers
2 x Shooters - Sindar with bows

Stronghold: Castle

Options: either replace 2 blades with (Hithlum) 2 spears (Dunedain men), or (East Beleriand) 2 more riders, or (Nargothrond) 1 more shooter and 2 lurkers (Elves in ambush)

The Noldor soon organised themselves into various princedoms, ruling over Sindar already established in the area, and raising horses to mount horse archers. Allies: Gondolin, Noldor (1st Age Princedoms), Dwarves, Men (1st age other Dunedain or Easterlings). Enemies: Sindar, Noldor (1st Age Princedoms), Angband (Balrogs or others).

Noldor - 2nd age
1 x Hero general - Gil-galad
1 x Hero - Elrond half-Elven (or Elendil)
1 x Blades - Noldor with swords
2 x Riders - Noldor horse-archers
3 x Shooters - Sindar with bows (or men with longbows)
2 x Blades - Sindar with axes

Stronghold: Castle

Options: replace 1 rider and 1 blade with 2 spears (Numenorean men)

During the 2nd Age the number of Noldor left in Middle-Earth was reduced, so the Sindarin component of their forces would have been more heavily emphasized. Allies: Dwarves, Numenor, Woodelves (Lorien and/or Mirkwood). Enemies: Mordor ('others'), Orcs.

1 x Spear general - King Turgon and guards
2 x Heroes - Tuor and Ecthelion
3 x Spears - Noldor and Sindar phalanx
2 x Shooters - Sindar archers
2 x Fliers - giant eagles

Stronghold: Walled city

The Sindar of Gondolin were more integrated into Noldorin society than in the other Noldor princedoms. Many Noldor used the spear like some Sindar did, and fought in armoured phalanxes. Allies: none. Enemies: Angband (and the Balrogs).

Men, 1st age - Haleth
1 x Hero general (with amazon bodyguard if the widow Haleth)
2 x Blades - axemen
6 x Warband - other warriors
2 x Lurkers - Druedain, some with poisoned blowguns

Stronghold: Pallisaded village

The Haleth were a more scattered people than the other Dunedain, and not as warlike, but fought with great courage when called to. Some were axemen, and even women could be found fighting on occasion. Druedain were a distinctive ethnic element who were extremely skilled forest fighters. Allies: Sindar. Enemies: Angband ('others').

Men, 1st age - other Dunedian and Easterlings
1 x Hero general
7 x Spears
2 x Shooters - archers
2 x Hordes - camp-followers and slaves

Stronghold: Pallisaded village

Options: Dunedain - replace hordes with another spear

Most men of the 1st age in Beleriand fought in a shieldwall formation with spears, or occasionally axes. Allies: Noldor (Princedoms) if Dunedain; Angband ('others'), Men (1st Age Easterlings) if Easterlings. Enemies: Angband ('others') if Dunedain; Noldor (Princedoms), Men (1st Age Easterlings) if Easterlings.

Easterlings: Wainriders
1 x Knight general - in chariot
2 x Knights - nobles in chariots
3 x Riders - cavalry
4 x Shooters - foot bowmen
4 x Hordes - wainriders

Stronghold: wagon-laagered camp

Charioteers charged into shieldwalls rather than skirmished, so are classified as Knights rather than Riders. Archery however was heavily emphasised. Allies: Mordor ('others'), Easterlings ('others'). Enemies: Easterlings ('others'), Gondor (any), Northmen, Dale.

Easterlings: Balchoth
1 x Blade general
4 x Blades - axemen
1 x Riders - cavalry
12 x Hordes - migrant hordes

Stronghold: wagon-laagered camp

These migrating tribes were poorly equipped and lacked mounted warriors, but their numbers made them quite dangerous. Allies: Orcs. Enemies: Gondor (Stewards).

Easterlings: other nations
1 x Rider general - in chariot
5 x Riders - cavalry
2 x Shooters - foot bowmen
2 x Blades - axemen
4 x Hordes - levy

Stronghold: wagon-laagered camp

Options: replace 4 riders with Blades, and camp with a pallisaded town

Some Easterling tribes provided competent foot armed with axes, others were typical steppe-style horse archers. Allies: Dwarves, Mordor ('others'), Easterlings ('others'). Enemies: Gondor (late), Easterlings ('others').

1 x Blade general - with bodyguard of large goblins with axes
3 x Riders - goblins on wolves
3 x Beasts - giant wolves
10 x Hordes - Goblin warriors

Stronghold: mountain cave entrance

Options: replace 2 beasts with a Behemoth - a troop of large trolls

Allies: Khazad, Wargs, Easterlings (Balchoth, 'others'). Enemies: Khazad, Woodsmen, Gondor (late), Rohan, Dale, Shire.

Goblin guards fought with axes in ranks, pushing back shieldwalls, and are thus classed as Blades rather than Warband. Bats are ignored, since they did nothing to contribute to battles other than provide a small degree of shade from the sun. Allies: Dwarves, Orcs. Enemies: Woodelves (Mirkwood, Lorien), Noldor (2nd Age), Gondor (Stewards), Woodsmen, Dale, Rohan, Shire.

1 x Beast general - large white wolf chieftain
11 x Beasts - giant wolves

Stronghold: craggy wooded den

Options: replace up to 3 beasts with riders - wolves carrying goblins to assist with arson and breaking into buildings, etc.

Allies: Goblins. Enemies: Woodsmen, Easterlings ('others').

Giant wolves speaking their own language were know as 'the Hounds of Sauron' and were numerous enough to count as full-fledged armies. A Beast general is technically illegal under the present rules for some unfathomable reason.

Mordor - Minas Tirith Assault force
1 x Flyer general - the Witch-King
2 x Artillery - catapults and other seige engines
2 x Blades - Uruk-hai
2 x Blades - Easterlings with axes
1 x Warband - half-trolls
6 x Hordes - Orcs

Stronghold: conquered city with broken bridge (Osgiliath)

Allies: Haradrim. Enemies: Gondor (Late). If Haradrim allies are not used, delete 3 Hordes, the Warband, 1 of each Blade, and 1 Artillery, and add the following: 2 x Riders - Haradrim cavalry, 1 x Behemoth - Haradrim Mumakil, 2 x Spears - Haradrim infantry.

Mordor - other armies
1 x Knight general - Nazgul or the Mouth of Sauron
1 x Behemoth - troop of large Trolls
1 x Flyer - Nazgul
2 x Blades - Uruk-hai or Easterlings with axes
2 x Spears - other subject men
8 x Hordes - Orcs

Stronghold: volcano

Options: replace the Kn general with Blade general (non-Nazgul leader), the behemoth with 2 beasts (wolves), the flyer with a rider (goblins on wolves) and the volcano with a black castle. If before the late third age, the flyer must always be replaced by a Knight (other Nazgul on horses).

Allied contingents drawn from this list must use the above options rather than the main list. Nazgul on horseback are classified as a Knight rather than a Rider due to the morale effect on enemy foot that caused them to flee precipitedly. Allies: Haradrim, Easterlings (Wainriders and/or 'others'). Enemies: Woodelves (Mirkwood, Lorien), Noldor (2nd Age), Haradrim, Gondor (any), Dale, Rohan.

1 x Rider general - Chieftain and followers
2 x Riders - cavalry with scimitars
2 x Behemoths - Mumakil
2 x Spears - Haradrim spearmen
1 x Warband - Far-Haradrim desert warriors
2 x Shooters - archers

Stronghold: walled Arabic city

Desert warriors are classified as Warband, since they are described as being like half-trolls. Allies: Haradrim, Easterlings (Wainriders and/or 'others'). Enemies: Numenor, Gondor (any), Haradrim, Mordor ('others').

1 x Hero general
1 x Blades - Guards
4 x Spears - Numenorean spearmen
1 x Riders - native horse archers
4 x Shooters - longbow cohorts

Stronghold: walled city

Options: regrade Guards as Spears

Axes are attested, hance the option for Blades, but not actually described being used in combat unlike spears and bows, so only limited numbers are allowed. Allies: Noldor (2nd Age). Enemies: Numenor, Haradrim, Easterlings (any non-1st Age), Mordor ('others'), Dunlendings.

1 x Riders general - chieftain and followers
1 x Riders - others on light ponies
9 x Warband - hillmen warriors
2 x Lurkers - scouts and ambushers

Stronghold: pallisade village

Options: move general's function to one of the warband elements, or regrade general as Knight

The Knight general represents a pretender to the Rohan throne. Allies: Dunlendings, Haradrim (only if a pretender general), Angmar, Orthanc. Enemies: Numenor, Mordor ('others'), Dunlendings, Orcs, Arnor, Gondor (Kings).

1 x Riders general - chieftain and followers
7 x Warband - hillmen warriors
3 x Shooters - archers
2 x Lurkers - scouts and ambushers

Stronghold: forest village

Options: regrade general as Behemoth and omit one warband

The Behemoth represents men of Beorn's line who could shape-change into huge bears. Allies: Northmen, Woodelves (Mirkwood), Dale. Enemies: Mordor ('others'), Orcs.

Northmen of Rhovanion
1 x Knight general - chieftain and retinue
5 x Knights - noble warriors
2 x Riders - horse archers
4 x Spears - footmen

Stronghold: pallisade town

Options: regrade general as a Hero, and lose a Spears element

Allies: Northmen, Woodsmen, Gondor (Kings). Enemies: Mordor ('others'), Easterlings (any non-1st Age).

Gondor of the Ship-kings
1 x Hero general - King or Prince
2 x Knights - Gondorian heavy cavalry or Northmen nobles
1 x Riders - other auxiliary horse
3 x Shooters - archers
4 x Spears - footmen

Stronghold: walled city

Allies: Northmen, Dunlendings, Haradrim, Easterlings ('others'), Noldor ('2nd Age'). Enemies: Mordor ('others'), Easterlings (any non-1st Age), Haradrim, Dunlendings, Gondor (Kings).

Gondor of the Stewards
1 x Knight general - the Steward
1 x Hero - Steward's Heir or Thorongil (Aragorn in disguise)
2 x Knights - other Gondorian knights
4 x Spears - Guardsmen and men-at-arms
1 x Blades - Axemen, etc
2 x Shooters - militia bowmen

Stronghold: walled city

Options: Replace Blades with another Spears

Allies: Rohan. Enemies: Mordor ('others'), Easterlings (any non-1st Age), Haradrim.

Late Gondor
1 x Hero general - Aragorn and/or Gandalf
1 x Knights - of Dol Amroth
2 x Spears - Guardsmen
1 x Hero - Eomer
3 x Knights - other Riders of Rohan
1 x Blades - Axemen, etc
1 x Shooters - militia bowmen

Stronghold: walled city

Options: Dismount Knights of Dol Amroth as Spears, replace Blades and shooters with a Sneakers - Frodo with the Ring and a Lurkers - Rangers of Ithilien, replace 2 other Riders of Rohan Knights with Flyers - giant eagles, and dismount the last Riders of Rohan Knights as Spears

Allies: Rohan. Enemies: Mordor (any), Easterlings (any non-1st Age), Haradrim. If Rohan allies are used, Eomer and the other 3 Rohan elements should be replaced with another Gondorian Knight element, 2 more Spears, and another Hero (Faramir, etc).

1 x Hero general - King or Prince
1 x Knights - other heavy cavalry
1 x Riders - other horsemen
2 x Shooters - archers
6 x Spears - footmen

Stronghold: walled city

Options: Swap general from the Hero to the Knights element

This list does not cover the final battle against Angmar (which would be a Gondorian force with Noldor allies). Allies: Arnor. Enemies: Rhudaur, Angmar.

1 x Knights general - Prince
1 x Knights - heavy cavalry
2 x Riders - other horsemen
2 x Shooters - archers
4 x Warbands - Dunlending warriors
2 x Spears - footmen

Stronghold: castle

Allies: Angmar, Dunlendings. Enemies: Arnor.

Angmar - the forces of the Witch King
1 x Hero general - the Witch-King
2 x Beasts - wolves and other fell creatures
1 x Riders - goblins on wolves
1 x Behemoths - Trolls and Ettens
3 x Warbands - Dunlending warriors
4 x Hordes - Orcs

Stronghold: frozen city

The Witch-king didn't use offensive magic in combat, rather he rode a horse and fought mounted with great effect on opposing notable characters, hence the Hero rating. Allies: Rhudaur. Enemies: Arnor, Gondor (Kings).

Riders of Rohan
1 x Knight general - the King and household knights
1 x Hero - Prince and his household knights
2 x Riders - horse archers
7 x Knights - Riders of Rohan

Stronghold: great hall or walled valley

Options: replace both Riders with 1 Blade (swordsmen) and 2 Hordes (elderly and young mlitia) and one Knights with a Shooters (archers on foot). May also replace 4 more Knights with 2 Behemoths (Ents)

The King isn't rated as a hero, based on Theoden (who was killed by being trapped by his own horse), but rather the King's heir (like Theodred or Eomer). Allies: Gondor (Stewards). Enemies: Dunlendings, Orthanc.

Dale and other late north Rhovanion towns
1 x Hero general
4 x Spears - spearmen
6 x Shooters - archers

Stronghold: town (can be on a lake)

The hero is inspired by Bard's example. Allies: Woodsmen, Woodelves (Mirkwood), Dwarves. Enemies: Orcs, Easterlings ('others'), Mordor ('others').

Orthanc the forces of Saruman the White
1 x Blade general - with human and half-orc axemen
2 x Blades - Uruk-hai
1 x Riders - Dunlendings
2 x Riders - Orcs on wolves
2 x Warbands - Dunlendings
1 x Sneakers - orcs with blasting fire
5 x Hordes - Orcs

Stronghold: tall wizard's tower

Options: replace Sneakers and one Hordes with 2 Spears (pikemen)

Saruman didn't command in the field, so should only be depicted, if at all, atop the Stronghold. Allies: Dunlendings. Enemies: Rohan.

The Shire, 3rd age 3019
1 x Cleric general - Frodo and Sam
1 x Hero - Merry and Pippin
3 x Lurkers - Hobbits hiding in hedgerows, etc
5 x Shooters - Hobbits with bows, etc
4 x Hordes - Hobbit reinforcements summoned by Merry's magical horn

Stronghold: village burrowed into a hillside

Frodo, the commander, is classified as a cleric since he refused to fight on ethical grounds, was impervious to Saruman's magical wiles and also carried Galadriel's vial which had anti-magical properties as demonstrated in Cirith Ungol. Merry and Pippin were heroic enough to count as a real Hero (Merry killed the Witch-king after all) even if they are a touch under-sized - they also rode ponies, which means they can qualify as a mounted element! As the Shire was so small, this list has had to take some liberties of scale. For the only other recorded battle in the Shire, when the Bullroarer defeated a goblin-raiding band, make the general a rider (the Bullroarer and his kinsmen on ponies), swap the Hero for two elements of spears (Hobbit 'Beaters and Bounders' - ie gate guards), and add another lurker. Allies: none. Enemies: Orcs (for Bullroarer).

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