Late Roman Shield Patterns

Comites Domestici (east)

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Insignia In the eastern half of the empire, the Count of the Household Horse (Comes Domesticorum equitum) and the Count of the Household Foot (Comes Domesticorum peditum) each command a unit of bodyguards:

30.2 Domestici equites
30.3 Domestici pedites
The western half of the empire also has two such officers (the numbers beside the names refer to Ingo Maier's numbering scheme).

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It is unclear to what extent, if any, these units of Domestici were genuinely military guard units as opposed to being purely ceremonial; they may have functioned more as a staff officers' college than anything else: entry 30.3 continues with "and those deputised from these (on special missions)". The large shield patterns shown to the left come from the Bodleian manuscript (O); patterns from other manuscripts (P, M, W, B) can be found by following the individual unit links above.


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